Cannabis Science, Inc. Stock Symbol (CBIS)

Cannabis Science, Inc. is a development-stage company involved in medical marijuana research and development. The company is committed to creating medicines both with and without psychoactive properties that are cannabis-based. These medicines aim to treat both the disease and its symptoms, and are also for general health maintenance. Cannabis Science, Inc. is the first and only publicly traded biotech company in the market that is involved in cannabinoid-based extracts, and trades in the OTC market under the symbol CBIS.

To put it simply, the company’s products are medical cannabinoid formulations that stem from at least one of the cannabinoid compounds of the cannabis plant with a primary focus of treating cancer around the world.

Formerly known as Gulf Onshore, Inc., Cannabis Science is among the oldest companies in the cannabis industry. From the very beginning, its founders have been dedicated to their cause of nurturing and upholding a spirit that encourages innovation from which novel ideas develop and turn into solutions based on evidence.

Thanks to its unique understanding of metabolic processes, the patent-oriented biotech company aims to provide alternative treatment options for individuals with medical needs that are unmet. The company utilizes an inquiring approach in order to discover and develop therapies that can improve patients’ lives.

Cannabis Science continues to create these products with medical cannabinoid formulas as part of its commitment to advocate for the rights of those dealing with life threatening and debilitating conditions. It works closely with regulatory agencies on local, national, and international levels to ensure the accessibility of their quality cannabinoid products.

Cannabis Science, Inc. works closely with leading experts in clinical research, drug development, and medicinal characterization to develop, create, and commercialize new therapeutic approaches that treat an extensive number of critical ailments such as infections, cancer, and age-related illnesses. All of the materials used in Cannabis Science’s clinical trial are from cultivation and production facilities that are GMP compliant, and that exceed industry standards and food processing requirements.